Tethys Case Management facilitates the achievement of patient wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, and service facilitation.  The following testimonials give evidence of the care and knowledge our Case Managers infuse into every case.


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This letter is intended to recognize the exceptional care Jennifer Parker provided to our family before, during and after my husband's transplant. When we read the packet of information from Tethys Health Ventures we felt a sense of relief, and after our initial contact with Jennifer, we knew we were in good hands. She gave us extraordinary service in the days prior to surgery and quickly became our "go to person" when we had questions about his illness and the process of transplantation. I am pleased to announce that my husband was on the transplant list one day before receiving the call that a donor had been found. At that time Jennifer was preparing to go on vacation but she was only a phone call away. She made us feel that nothing was more important than his care. Jennifer's expertise helped up cope with his illness and guided us through the process of transplantation, preparing us every step of the process. She was supportive, compassionate, and a resource for us during this very traumatic time


Dear Jennifer, On a more personal note: I would like to express my deep appreciation for all the assistance you have provided me, and more especially my wife; you helped her immeasurably during this difficult time, she would have had a far more difficult time navigating her way through this process, even to the point of not being able to accomplish some of the things that you were able to guide her through so easily. My wife and I are aware of how much hard work and dedication you invested for our cause, and will always be grateful for your help. With my sincerest thanks, R



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