The Tethys advocacy program identifies and advocates for members who could potentially qualify for government programs like SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and Medicare. SSDI provides benefits to those who are “insured” under Social Security, by virtue of having worked and paid FICA tax, who are disabled or blind. The average payment to a member receiving SSDI is between $1,000 and $2,000 per month. Once Tethys receives a referral/consent form for a member who is potentially eligible for SSDI, or identifies a member through the Tethys proprietary algorithm, Tethys outreaches to the member to establish their work and medical status to assess their likelihood of obtaining SSDI. If the member is deemed a good candidate, the Tethys advocate manages the application process from submission to the Social Security Agency’s determination including reconsiderations and appeals. Once the member is approved for SSDI, the member becomes entitled to Medicare after 24 months from the SSDI payment effective date. Medicare becomes primary for members in groups with less than 100 employees and members who are early retirees.


Case Study

Case Study Testimonial


Tethys received a referral from one of Tethys' esteemed clients. The Tethys advocate called the member within a day of receiving the referral form and determined she was a good candidate. The application was scheduled for the following week. The application was taken and submitted the same day. Four weeks later the Department of Disability Services (DDS) requested additional paperwork. The Tethys advocate scheduled an appointment with the candidate to complete the paperwork. The information was taken and submitted to DDS within a week of receiving the additional paperwork. A Notice of Award was received by the candidate within two months of the initial application.

Hey Miguel, Once again, thank you so much!!! You made this incredibly difficult process easier to go through. Your compassion, knowledge and extreme patience made me hang in there when I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. You encouraged me and believed in me and showed nothing but compassion in one of the most difficult times in ones life. You made me feel so comfortable in such an uncomfortable situation, which to me is a gift. Your kind words and years of experience were priceless. The financial stress has been lifted and I couldn't thank you enough for helping me achieve those benefits. If I ever run into a situation where someone is in need of some help in applying for SSDI you're the name I will give with high recommendations. Thank you so much, J

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