Tethys Health Ventures, is a medical management company developed in 2004 to develop transplant carve out programs and has since added advocacy, re-pricing services, leased network services, employer stop loss management and underwriting services.  Today Tethys is a Third Party Administrator for employer stop loss, transplant reinsurance, transplant carve out insurance, and other reinsurance and insurance products in development.

Tethys is privately held by our management team with corporate headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Our Focus Is Service

The Tethys difference lies in the exceptional skill and experience of our employees.  With over 30 years of experience in the health care industry, we are committed to building strong, lasting relationships. Our professional, caring staff is cross trained to assist in every interconnected area, from case management to advocacy. Tethys also utilizes advanced data systems to predict and manage your healthcare costs.  Your satisfaction is our greatest measure of success.