Tethys was conceived as a Managed Transplant Program, to manage the risk associated with organ and bone marrow transplants while optimizing patient outcomes.  Over time, Tethys expanded risk management and patient care services to include a broad portfolio of products including Medical Stop Loss, Employer Transplant, Leased Networks and Social Security Advocacy.  Tethys adapted the services developed for our Managed Transplant Program, including our expertise in care management, claims processing and auditing, advocacy, reinsurance, provider negotiation, and eligibility management, to these services. Regardless of what product you choose, every Tethys client has access to our Risk Management Suite of Services. 

Aristotle said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The integration of the 'parts' is the added value Tethys provides to each of its clients. We will not be satisfied until our mission is accomplished.  It is Tethys’ goal to:

  • Regularize and reduce risk for our clients.
  • Provider stellar care management to our members and optimize outcomes.
  • Obtain government services to which they are entitled for members.